The real problem in pretreatment is the removal of impurities that are not soluble in water. They cannot be removed until they have been solubilized, or at least rendered dispersible, by chemical treatment.

VTexchem programme of auxiliaries for pretreatment is the result of many decades of experience with all the processes involved.
VTexchem has adapted its auxiliaries for pretreatment and bleaching to ensure optimum preparation of the material for dyeing or printing. We assist our customers in achieving the best possible results with our products. For Pretreatment and Bleaching we have a full range of auxiliaries such as: desizing agent (enzyme and chemicals), detergent and wetting agent, oil remover, sequestrant, peroxide stabilizer. Besides the conventional product based on chemicals, with the trends of paying attention on the environment, we have the innovative products developed from enzymes named VTEX-ZYM series which is suitable for bio-processes such as: bio-polishing, bio-scouring, bio-carbonizing and bio-stoning. In general, our R&D deparment always updates new regulations as well as new techniques, and all the environmental impacts have been considered strictly at the first step of developing new products. Now we are proud to have the full range of environmental friendly, bio- degradable “green” products.

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